iron deficiency

What is it Iron deficiency is a nutritional disorder that manifests itself when the iron is not available in sufficient quantities to meet the body's needs. Iron is an essential trace element for the physical well-being. E 'mainly hemoglobin content (about 70%), but also in the liver, in the spleen, bone marrow and in the muscles, and mainly acts as a transporter of oxygen from the lungs to peripheral tissues, where it is used for cell respiration. In particular, the iron is responsible for:
  • the transport of oxygen to tissues
  • of power generation
  • the production of vitamin A
  • the transmission of nerve impulses
  • Inadequate synthesis of essential proteins containing iron, also due to the
  • shortage of this substance, it can have harmful effects on cells and tissues.
Furthermore, when the iron levels drop, it decreases the amount of red blood cells produced by the bone marrow and are encountered with anemia, which in this case takes the name of iron deficiency anemia. Anemia occurs with weakness, paleness, disturbances in the regulation of body temperature, tachycardia. The WHO (World Health Organization) estimates that in the world, people who suffer from iron deficiency are 600 million to 700 million, making it the most common nutritional problem, especially in developing countries. In Western Europe the lack of iron is usually the result of a daily diet is characterized by a low intake of this mineral. After numerous studies, it has now been found that the iron deficiencies reduce certain features of the brain, worsening the learning ability and memory. E 'therefore important additional iron intake in all subjects, young people and adults, who suffer from a deficiency of this element. The most at risk are the elderly, because the capacity of absorption of iron from the digestive channel is limited, and pregnant women, since in this condition, the demand for iron by the fetus can induce a deficiency in the mother , which could result in a slowdown in brain development of the child.

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